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The Solar Pakistan 2024 Finished perfectly


On 29th February, Pakistan time, the three-day SOLAR PAKISTAN 2024 was successfully concluded. SUNPRO's high-quality products with high efficiency and high power generation capacity, professional service and international image were highly favoured by domestic and foreign exhibitors.

High Efficiency and Reliability, Helping Pakistan's Green Development

SOLAR PAKISTAN, as the largest exhibition in Pakistan's solar energy industry, attracts leading enterprises in the global solar energy field to participate in the exhibition and discuss, build and share the way of green development, and SUNPRO adheres to the mission of "Empowering the Future, Building Zero-Carbon Homes" to discuss the future development trend of the photovoltaic industry with colleagues in the industry. SUNPRO not only displayed PV modules, but also the new opportunities for co-operation and development.

SUNPRO not only displayed the PERC series of flexible modules, but also brought the N-type TOPCon modules, which are the mainstream in the market. The maximum power of TOPCon modules on display is 580W, with a maximum efficiency of 22.44%. Meanwhile, lower attenuation, better temperature coefficient, higher double-sided rate and better low-light rate bring better power generation performance.

SUNPRO's products have won the attention of many parties by virtue of their excellent reliability and performance, which triggered warm discussions and in-depth enquiries from many industry experts and exhibition visitors. The sales team, with its rich knowledge and professional services, introduced the major advantages of the products in detail from various aspects, providing customers with abundant one-stop photovoltaic solutions.

The photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly. As a global leading PV module manufacturer, SUNPRO has always insisted on "travelling by light and striving to be a leader in the new energy industry", and has helped the sustainable development of the PV industry with the spirit of seeking truth from facts and constantly surpassing.

Building up energy for the future

Light contains energy and hope, and SUNPRO and the hospitable Pakistan have rubbed new sparks of green energy and written a beautiful memory of PV together. In the future, SUNPRO will continue to work together with high-efficiency module products to create more value and possibilities for Pakistan, and contribute to the energy transformation of the world.

The annual SOLAR PAKISTAN event has come to an end in Pakistan, thanks to all the visitors. We look forward to working with you to further advance solar technology and light the way to a sustainable future!

If you missed the show, don't worry!
You can still attend the upcoming 18 March 2024
The Solar Show Africa 2024

Our booth will showcase the latest solar technologies and innovative solutions.
We look forward to seeing you again.

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