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Power Uzbekistan 2024


The Power Uzbekistan 2024 exhibition opened on 14 May Uzbekistan time at the Uzbekistan-Tashkent Exhibition Centre.


SUNPRO brings high-efficiency components to Hall 4 booth V102, demonstrating the latest technology of SUNPRO products to the exhibition audience. On the last day of the exhibition, we sincerely invite you to come and witness with us the excellence of SUNPRO in the photovoltaic field!

Developing renewable energy to promote a green energy transition

Uzbekistan has great potential for renewable energy, about 97 percent of which is solar energy, and the number of sunny days in Uzbekistan reaches 320 per year, even more than in Spain, the birthplace of modern solar energy.


Uzbekistan, a country with abundant solar energy resources, has made significant progress in the solar PV market in recent years. The development of solar technology and government support have made Uzbekistan an important solar PV market in Central Asia, and it has achieved some success.


By 2025, the country plans to commission a total of 2,900 MW of installed photovoltaic and wind power capacity. The Ministry of Energy has also developed a 10-year power supply plan with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank to build additional power supply capacity by 2030, including 5 GW of photovoltaic, 1.9 GW of hydropower, and 3 GW of installed wind power capacity. By 2030, the share of renewable energy in Uzbekistan's energy supply will reach 25 percent, while energy efficiency will be doubled.

Clean Energy Transformation and Upgrading SUNPRO Helps PV Future Development

On the exhibition site, SUNPRO displayed N-Type TOPCON modules and PERC modules, and the high-efficiency modules on display gained great attention from local customers, attracting a large number of customers to ask questions and stop for discussions. 

There were also many customers seeking to know more about SUNPRO's local distribution organizations, and they received prompt responses and unanimous praise from the customers.

The exhibition is coming to a successful conclusion.
In the future, Sunpro Power is looking forward to sharing the latest innovative technologies and efficient solutions with global customers and discussing with industry elites the sustainable development of a green future in Central Asia.

SUNPRO, as a global manufacturer of PV modules, sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world; has a quality control system and full-process product monitoring; and has a wide range of product types, including TOPCon, HJT, PERC, and other series of solar modules, which provide diversified choices for customers.

In terms of after-sales service, SUNPRO provides a 15-year quality guarantee and a 30-year power guarantee (part of the product warranty is subject to the physical).

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