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Sunpro appeared at ENEX New Energy 2023


On February 7, Poland time, the most influential exhibition of renewable energy in Kielce, Poland (ENEX NEW ENERGY) opened, attracting the attention of many professionals, and SUNPRO brought high-efficiency and high-quality module products to Hall C, Booth C11 of Kielce Renewable Energy Exhibition in Poland, contributing to the development of Poland's photovoltaic market.

SUNPRO at the Kielce Renewable Energy Exhibition in Poland

Strong development of PV market: Cumulative PV installations to reach 28.5GW by 2030

The Polish market is rich in sunshine resources, with an average annual sunshine of about 1,100-1,200kWh per square meter, which is extremely favorable for the development of the solar PV market, and is a solar PV market with great potential and rapid development.

Thanks to the Polish government's emphasis on renewable energy and support, Poland's PV industry is developing rapidly, and is already a European PV powerhouse. By the end of 2023, the total amount of installed PV capacity in Poland will be 14.3GW, and the annual increase in installed PV capacity will still be more than 3GW (3.9GW of new PV capacity in 2022, and 3.7GW of new capacity in 2023).

Poland, as one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, is also the third largest PV market in the EU, with a well-developed power industry and strong market growth, and it is expected that Poland's cumulative PV installation will reach 28.5GW in 2030.

SUNPRO Brings Efficient Energy Solutions to Promote the Development of PV Industry

Taking into account the local market environment and customer needs, SUNPRO brought high-performance PERC and TOPCon modules equipped with cutting-edge technology to customers in Poland and neighboring Central and Eastern European countries, which are characterized by high power generation, low cost of electricity, high reliability and ultra-low attenuation, and thus significantly increase power generation and bring higher revenue for customers.

SUNPRO's booth attracted many overseas customers.

In this exhibition, SUNPRO Poland team participated in it, and they enthusiastically made professional product explanations for every visitor, so that the exhibitors could have a deeper understanding of SUNPRO's reliable and advanced products, and lay a foundation for the future cooperation between the two sides.

SUNPRO will work together with local partners to develop the Polish PV market, accelerate development efforts, further deepen international cooperation, and add bricks and mortar to Poland's renewable energy strategy.

As a global professional PV module supplier, SUNPRO has been focusing on and building the local PV market for many years. In the future, SUNPRO will continue to layout and optimize the Polish and European markets, better serve customers with energy solutions with leading technology, and help the development of domestic and international PV industry!

If you buy our modules in Poland, our warehouse in Poland will quickly respond and process your order and provide after-sales service.

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