2-year warranty with after-sales maintenance guarantee.
Make sure your camping trip goes smoothly.
Monocrystalline silicon battery + EVA coating achieves high conversion rate, maximum power 200W, efficiency up to 18.0%.
The power positive tolerance range is 0~3%. Just light is needed to generate electricity.
The folded size is 560x646x55mm, which is only the size of two A4 sheets and weighs 7.8kg. It comes with portable accessories for easy portability.
The maximum open circuit voltage can reach 1000V, and it is equipped with PMW/MPPT controller to effectively manage power transmission and reduce the probability of short circuit.
Equipped with a 10A solar charge controller for easy connection of energy storage batteries. Meet the need for electricity at night.
Used in a variety of outdoor camping sites.
It can operate in environments from -40℃ to 85℃. It has good waterproof performance and environmental adaptability.